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  • We Don’t Rush You! - You have much more time- both with your Gentle Dentist and Hygienist.
  • We Take Your Teeth seriously - You don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment-most patients are seen within 2 weeks and the vast majority of EMERGENCIES SAME DAY.
  • We maximise Prevention of dental problems - Saving you distress and money.
  • We Restore/Create Confidence and Pride in Your Smile via Aesthetic Treatments with real skill & flair.
  • We are Friendly! - We understand your natural anxieties and confidently and gradually allow you to conquer them!
  • We offer every contemporary Treatment in a much more friendly and relaxed atmosphere and setting.
  • We have a superior level of viral protection via our Ultraviolet in Surgery Air Sterilisers.
  • Our Experienced Implant Dentists, are especially careful to provide the best quality Implants and treatment-to maximise their longevity.
  • We treat you as an individual and carefully listen to your needs and aspirations regarding treatment and Your Smile Confidence'


At West Malling Dental & Implant Centre-We take Dental Problem Prevention & Inner Confidence in Your Dental Health & Smile to a new level.

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A West Malling Smile
West Malling Dental Practice


When you join us as a patient - We realise how personal and potentially intimidating visiting a dentist may have been in the past. We are absolutely determined to gently revolutionise your confidence and overall fears/feelings about dentistry. We treat you as an individual and differently, with much greater personal care than you are used to.

We also realised many years ago that the best way to feel really cared for was for us to put ourselves in your shoes, to realise the problems with ‘normal’ dentistry in the UK and avoid them!

Dentistry in the UK has been held back, restrained by a lack of time, attention to detail and capacity for investment in dental health - especially in regard to the root foundations of the very best dentistry - The prevention of Tooth Decay, Gum Disease and Cracked Teeth.

Dentistry all to often is still sadly mostly focused on remedying problems as they arise - in other words fire fighting rather than avoiding these stressful, painful, depressing and costly problems In the first place.

So West Malling Dental, has uniquely created over the years, its very own high quality and innovative focus on ‘Preventive Dentistry’.

We provide an individual, understanding and enhanced level of care, by providing an exceptional and innovative standard of dental disease prevention. We very much help you take back control of your dental health and smile, and prevent future potentially painful and costly problems.

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Girls smilling at festival
Fesitival Confidence


This Means;

  1. Making your smile / teeth the best protected possible - by ensuring your Chew / Bite is not wearing your teeth or putting excess Force on certain teeth. If this is the case we gently modify your bite and or provide a durable night bite guard to ensure night grinding or clenching (Bruxism) is not damaging your future smile. We may also recommend precision implants to distribute the weight of your bite evenly once more.
  2. Making Your Individual Filled Teeth more resilient - we do this by looking carefully at existing fillings etc to ensure they are not weakening the tooth structure leaving it vulnerable to cracks and potential nerve death requiring Root Filling or Extraction. If a weakness is discovered - often an incredibly strong - Bespoke laboratory made Aesthetic Tooth Overlay is the only effective long term prevention of potential tooth loss.
  3. Very Carefully Assessing - whether you have any gradual/hidden tooth decay Issues. Tooth decay is sometimes missed when a Dentist looks at X-Rays. It is a real Skill which requires close attention and experience to not miss tooth decay- especially in its relatively early stages. Of course- once possibly suspected from an expert viewing of your digital x-ray, it can be carefully assessed in your mouth. This Investigation ( Yes it requires Detective Skills!) and early intervention can often Save the Nerve and Life of the Tooth. (NOT ALL CHECK UPS ARE EQUAL- we really do go the extra mile and take the necessary time to ensure Your teeth are as safe as possible.)
  4. Providing a superior level of Gum care - Unfortunately, not every gum checking and treatment fully covers the bases in terms of minimising / avoiding GUM DISEASE and its pretty terrible consequences. The reason we excel, is that we regard this as is our most important service. It is the very heart of our new, comprehensive and much better safe guarding form of dental care. After all - Your teeth are only as good as their foundation! What's the point in having expensive dental treatments if the foundation is not fully healthy & secure?


Lady smiling
Confident smile at any age


Our Advanced Dental Hygienist Service - uses the best available technology and genuinely enthusiastic Dental Hygiene Therapists to MINIMISE TOOTH LOSS years down the line. Our team encourages and teaches you how to care for your smile better than you imagined you could. It’s great to feel you are finally caring for this aspect of your health.

It takes time and support to change old brushing shortcuts and habits but we are determined to provide your smile with the very best long term outlook. Once a really good level of teeth protection, resilience and overall dental health is established then, when desired, we can create the best CONFIDENCE in the appearance of your smile…


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Lovers kissing
Find what you are looking for


With our range of financial options, there’s no need to be embarrassed by your smile any longer!

CONFIDENCE really is the KEY TO LIFE & if you ask us what we really do, ultimately we are much more than dentists - we improve peoples lives by creating more innate confidence.

  • CONFIDENCE in knowing your teeth and smile will be very long lived.
  • CONFIDENCE in a far better and more gentle, less stressful type of dental care.
  • CONFIDENCE in feeling great about how we look and being free to laugh and smile fully and un-self-consciously (Life without these natural freedoms is very sad indeed!)
  • CONFIDENCE in our bite and fearless chewing ability restored by excellent carefully placed Dental implants.

We are delighted in providing better confidence - a truly priceless commodity,  as when you consider it more carefully, it affects every single area of our lives.

Have a thought about how your smile is subconsciously affecting your decisions? If you had more confidence in your smile, how would your life be different today?

We at West Malling Dental are ‘Aspirational Dentists’ that provide the lift our patients need and demand to get much more out of there lives and truly reach out for and toward their dreams……do you have an important upcoming time in your life???

  • Do You have an upcoming wedding of a son or daughter- or perhaps your own!?
  • Do You have a particular career aspiration? Do You want to impress an employer? Do You want to start up your own business! Your smile really is a currency that often is an essential ingredient in lasting business success.
  • Are You retired and want to transform how good you feel about your bite & smile?
  • Perhaps you have an important wedding anniversary on the horizon?
  • Perhaps you are looking for a new relationship and want a profound confidence boost?


Older Couple Smiling
Confidence at any age


In summary we believe confidence is being able to freely fulfil your potential - and not selling yourself short. By investing in your smile's longevity and your confidence in the appearance of your smile can genuinely make a huge difference.

With our caring and expert team, you don’t have to compromise your health or confidence levels any longer-plus our careful approach to prevention of dental problems can save you considerable stress and expense.

Why not take your dental care and confidence in your appearance, into the Premier League. You deserve to feel great about your teeth and smile.

We would be honoured, if you chose to discover with us, how feeling great about your dentist is possible! - So welcome to a new experience of dentistry, teeth / gum health and potentially sky high Smile Confidence... who knows where that can take you!

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The West Malling Dental Practice welcomes new patients to our private practice in the historic market town in the Tonbridge and Malling district of Kent, serving Kings Hill. If you would like to make an appointment please call 01732 842 439.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open for business. We have Full PPE, Strict Disinfection Protocols and the UV Air Sterilisers for extra safety. Please contact us for an appointment.

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