Bad breath problems

How to Beat Bad Breath

Did you know most mouth-washes only mask breath odour (no matter what the adverts claim!) and people are unaware if they are suffering from breath odour. We naturally become accustomed to our own smell, to enable us to detect potentially noxious external chemicals or gases, no matter how we smell! Try this simple but powerful … Read more

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How can I keep my teeth for my entire life?

At The West Malling Dental practice and Implant Clinic our No.1 objective is to help you to keep your teeth throughout your lifetime. Losing teeth is not only expensive, it usually affects your appearance and reduces the quality of your life by reducing your ability to chew and thus enjoy your food! But how do … Read more

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Gum Health and Heart Disease

Did you know that ignoring Gum Disease could leave you at a greater risk of Heart Disease? An Increasing number of studies are establishing a connection between poor oral health and the chances of suffering from Heart disease. It is hard to say with certainty as yet, whether people who are not brushing well are … Read more

Gum Shield

Custom Gum Shields and Mouth Guards

Our custom made gum shields are available in various colours and styles. Custom fit guards are essential to get maximum protection for you teeth and gums when playing contact supports such as rugby and hockey. Please contact us for more information on  01732 842 439 Gold Gum Shield/Mouth Guard One of our dentists takes a mould … Read more