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West Malling Dental Practice Price-list (Adult) 2020

We take great pride in providing you with the best fitting most durable dentistry, investing in this quality of care for your teeth is the most affordable way to reduce on-going dental costs.

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THIS SUMMER- FREE BESPOKE WHITENING* for All Treatment over £1000 Value!

* Excludes finance

0% FINANCE on treatments over £1000 with 10 monthly payments (excludes other offers)

  Mon-Fri Charge Saturday or Extended Hour Charge
Gentle Check-up (Adult18+) £65 £65
New Patient Assessment £65 £65
Chat assess same charge
Emergency Treatment £85 assess £85 assess
X-rays PA £17 each £17 each
Bitewings left + right £34 £34
OPG £85 £85
Hygienist Service (30min) with no aerosol, hand scale and polish £68  
Hygienist Service (60min) with no aerosol, hand scale and polish £130  
Professional Bite guard/Gum shield From £130
Facial Aesthetics Clinic From £230
Dental Crowns/Bridges per unit
Porcelain bonded to metal crown From £599 From £599
All Porcelain crown From £700 From £700
Superior aesthetic Porcelain crown (reinforced) From £800 From £800
High Quality Gold Crown From £875 From £875
Porcelain veneers From £700 From £700
Maryland Bridge From £675 From £675
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor/Premolar From £480  
Molars From £825  
Dental Implants From £2350 Prices and Offers>>
Implant Assess and Dream Smile consultation (not including study model or x-rays) £75
(unless existing patient)
(unless existing patient)
Acrylic Single Full Denture £1200  
Acrylic Partial Denture/ High impact plastic From £800  
Acrylic Partial Denture From £750  
Chrome Partial Denture From £1000  
Chrome p/ Denture repair From £180  
Professional Home Whitening £425 (This summer free when you spend over £1000 on treatment, excluding other offers and finance)
Gentle Tooth Extraction From £200 From £200
Surgical Tooth Extraction From £400  
Hi-tech White Filling From £180 (depending on number of tooth surfaces filled ie. size & complexity)  
*We are proud to have been a low toxicity Mercury Free Practice for many Years. (We don’t do Silver Fillings which are increasingly outlawed in Health conscious countries)
Moderate Movement - Gentle (Non Extraction) Orthodontics From £3500 (incl. Tooth Whitening) 28 weeks  
Major Movement - Gentle (Non Extraction) Orthodontics From £4500 (incl. Tooth Whitening) 30 to 96 weeks  

ALL Invisalign/Alternate Invisible braces Treatments qualify for 0% Finance over a 10 month period (credit allowing). You also receive a FREE BESPOKE WHITENING worth £425! Finally If You Pay upfront, You Get 10% OFF and the FREE Whitening!

 Invisalign i7 From £2250 - 7 weeks (incl. FREE Tooth Whitening) *A solution for people who require very minor tooth correction
 Invisalign LITE From £3000 - 14+ weeks (incl. £1000 OFF & FREE Tooth Whitening worth £425 & 1 free set of retainers)
 Invisalign FULL From £4000 - 30+ weeks (incl. £1000 OFF & FREE Tooth Whitening worth £425 & 1 free set of retainers)

*Please note you don’t choose what type of Invisalign treatment you need, this depends upon your individual teeth situation and is normally prescribed by your Dentist alongside the Invisalign Orthodontic Team (remotely.)

Child Charges

  Mon-Fri Saturday
Exam 0-10yrs Free if at parent’s appointment Charge see below
Exam 0-10yrs £24.50 £24.50
Exam 11-17yrs £24.50 £24.50
Fillings / extractions 30 minutes £70  
Fissure Sealants From £45  

Dental insurance plans

COVID-19 UPDATE: We're back! and offering our great emergency care, invisalign, implants check-ups and routine dentistry. Please contact us for an appointment.

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