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Regulary visiting the dental hygienist is a proven way to fight gum disease.

Hygienist Service (30 minutes)

Our excellent hygienist service will empower you to prevent potential future problems

Gum disease commonly causes bad breath, receding gums and tooth loss. There is growing evidence that these bacteria may eventually overwhelm your immune system and create general health concerns not directly related to your teeth.

Many  of our patients struggle to really control their dental plaque. Our team will advise you on the best course of action to take to make sure you keep your mouth healthy and fresh.


Our Hygiene Team counter this with the very latest technology to monitor and show you potential problem areas. They take extra time to coach you in simple new routines to eliminate Dental Plaque and freshen your breath.

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Hygienist Service (60 minutes)

Achieving Excellent Oral Hygiene is a genuine challenge for the majority so we now offer a 60 minute ‘Advanced Oral Care & Cleaning’ appointments. If you have not visited a hygienist for a very long time, we would recommend having an extended appointment.

This gives the Hygiene team the essential extra time to help you. They will record and show you clearly any areas where you are leaving plaque using the very latest ‘In mouth’ cameras. They’ll also carefully watch your existing routine (please bring your brush and in between teeth ‘Devices’) and give you one on one coaching in front of a mirror, to help you develop your skill and dexterity. This is in addition to our gentle, thorough tartar removal and polishing.

We take your health and care for your teeth seriously and are really looking forward to the progress you’ll soon make!

So prevent future dental problems  and dental expenses by booking your Hygiene appointment today.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Great brushing is the new medicine!

Gum disease and subsequent tooth loss in later life can cripple your confidence, ability to chew and enjoy your food and require expensive dental solutions...By prioritising your twice yearly hygiene visits, you are saying no to the drama and expense of future tooth loss...Book your Direct Access Hygienist Appointment Today!

We have two excellent dental hygienists on site who are now able to see you without the need to see a dentist or be one of our patients. This is called direct access.

Unless you already have an excellent daily oral hygiene routine and thus minimal tartar, you will probably need 2 visits to an oral hygienist per year (more if you have gum disease). This helps you to more effectively remove the bacteria laden tartar around and under your gums as part of your daily brushing and flossing routine. The hygienist will also remove any stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine by polishing the teeth. We provide sodium bicarbonate-based jet polishing on a private basis which is used for extremely stained or smokers teeth.

Our Hygienists are not legally allowed to advise you on or diagnose your teeth so if you have any general dental questions or problems - Please use our online form - although we cannot advise you without you coming to see a dentist- we may be able to shed some light on your question in general terms!

Please note for all new patients we take payment in full over the phone at time of booking- you may cancel provided you give us 48 hours that situation we will promptly send a refund straight into your bank account .

Please also note that although our hygienists are very gentle- tartar is teeming with bacteria which causes gum disease, bad breath and sore inflamed gums- it may sometimes be a little painful having it removed but if you want to keep your teeth in your old age- it is crucial that this is carefully done. Once removed- provided you apply the simple effective brushing, flossing and special between teeth tooth brushes techniques- you will never have to dread coming to see the hygienist in the future!

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Here are 6 effective ways to test your breath at home:

  1. The Cotton Test: Wipe the top surface of your tongue with a piece of cotton gauze and smell it. This is probably the most honest way. Also, if you notice a yellowish stain on the cotton, it's likely that you have an elevated sulfide production level.
  2. The Lick Test: Lick the back of your hand. Let that dry for about 10 seconds and then smell. If you notice an odor, you may have a breath disorder because the sulfur salts from your tongue have been transferred to your hand.
  3. The Dental Floss Test: Run a piece of dental floss between your back teeth (this is the mostly likely place where you may get food caught) and then smell the floss. This may be an indication of the level of odors others detect.
  4. The Mirror Test: Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible. If you notice that the very back of your tongue is whitish, it may be a sign that you have bad breath.
  5. The Observation Test: Judge the reaction of others when you interact with them. After using TheraBreath products, our patients tell us that they are no longer offered gum and mints and people no longer step away from them. It has significantly changed their confidence and improved their lives.
  6. The Ask Test: Ask the opinion of someone you can trust (a good friend, a spouse, even your kids). Ask them to check your breath several times daily because breath changes throughout the day.

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