Stress and dental health

Stress and dentistry

Dentistry is closely related to stress, and not just due to the fear some people have of getting their dental problems treated.

Chronic stress often leads to sugary comfort eating and to clenching teeth which may lead to cracked teeth. Stress also leads to lower immunity which, combined with poor oral hygiene, may lead to gum disease and tooth loss.

Nervous patients

How can we help…

We do our best to make visits comfortable for patients with anxiety about dental treatments and our sympathetic staff are able to reassure nervous patients before their dental treatment is undertaken.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding damages teeth, especially those that already have large fillings. These teeth weaken over time and are vulnerable to cracks.

We monitor your bite and tooth condition so, where necessary, we can recommend a custom-made mouth guard to prevent further damage.

Reducing dental care anxiety

Many healthcare practitioners are recognising the depth of the connection between stress and illness so our dental team will make your visits as relaxed as possible.

By reducing your stress levels alongside effective dental care, your mouth becomes much healthier and less vulnerable.

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