How to Beat Bad Breath

Did you know most mouth-washes only mask breath odour (no matter what the adverts claim!) and people are unaware if they are suffering from breath odour.

We naturally become accustomed to our own smell, to enable us to detect potentially noxious external chemicals or gases, no matter how we smell!

Try this simple but powerful series of tests to check for potential problems…

  1. Lick the back of your hand (don’t breathe into your hand- that just won’t cut it!) let it dry for 15 seconds then smell…you may well detect and odour especially if you have healthy sinuses and a good sense of smell.
  2. Take a piece of cotton gauze, wipe it over the top of your tongue then smell. This is an effective self assessment for tongue odour but don’t forget to check your teeth…
  3. Take some dental floss and run it between your back teeth in turn…then smell what you find on the floss…in our experience the between teeth dental plaque that you find is the biggest source of breath odour!
  4. Give a good friend a chance to help you by asking them? If they have never noticed anything that’s great but by asking them even if they have noticed an odour it may well be a relief to them to be able to share this with you, because friend’s want to help you! This is certainly one of the best tests provided they ahave a good sense of smell!
  5. Try a Plaque disclosing tablet…we can provide you with a couple as a gift or purchase from your local chemist. They temporarily dye any areas you are missing with your electric toothbrush, showing you the plaque you are leaving behind and remember, PLAQUE = ODOUR!

If you ‘failed’ any of the above tests or if you are concerned about whether your sense of smell is good enough to make a true assessment…don’t fret! We pride ourselves at discreetly ascertaining if you have a problem (in truth most people do have this problem at some time in their life) and helping you learn how to eliminate the most common source of Breath Odour…Dental plaque.

Why not book in today for a general assessment, mention your concerns and we will discreetly help you transform your oral Freshness through helping you master your daily Oral Hygiene routine

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