About West Malling Dental…

Our strengths:

  • Looking after your family`s teeth
  • Minimising the risk of pain with gentle dentistry
  • Preserving your teeth for the sake of your appearance and your ability to chew
  • Replacing lost teeth and improving the alignment, shape and colour of your teeth
  • Offering all patients a relaxed, safe and warm experience
West Malling DEntal, Kent

We are different

Our vast knowledge in oral hygiene and private dental care means we can help you because;

  • You have much more TIME with your dentist and hygienist.
  • You don’t have to WAIT weeks for an appointment and most patients are seen within 2 weeks and the vast majority of emergencies the same day.
  • We help you PREVENT dental problems – saving you distress and money.
  • We create CONFIDENCE in your smile via aesthetic treatments with real skill & flair.
  • We understand your anxieties and help you to conquer them in friendly and relaxed setting.
Questions we ask at West Malling DEntal

We are flexible

We take a flexible approach to all your dental needs. The kind of questions we ask are;

  • What is the current condition of your teeth and gums?
  • Are you vulnerable to tooth wear/grinding?
  • Are you a nervous patient?
  • Can we build a dental plan that suits you and your budget?
  • If you are lacking confidence in your smile – what are the options?
  • Do you have sufficient oral hygiene routines?
  • How can we make your visits more comfortable and effortless?

Talk to us today, and together we can build a brighter smile 🙂