Gum Health and Heart Disease

Did you know that ignoring Gum Disease could leave you at a greater risk of Heart Disease?

An Increasing number of studies are establishing a connection between poor oral health and the chances of suffering from Heart disease.

It is hard to say with certainty as yet, whether people who are not brushing well are also struggling with a healthy diet and exercise and thus increasing their chances of heart disease or whether in some people, un-tended to gum inflammation is leading to bacteria from your mouth entering your bloodstream that are actually putting an extra strain on your bodies immune system and settling in the vascular system, irritating it and thus creating Heart Disease.

In our view it is better to be safe than sorry and any motivation to visit the Hygienist more regularly, to take pride in your Dental, Gum and General Health is a great thing.

Taking care of your teeth motivates you to take care of your body generally and greatly reduces the possibility of both future expensive dentistry and very possibly more serious disease as a consequence.

So why not choose to book a visit with one of our skillful, caring Dental Hygienists today and move toward better all round health!

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