Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

We are delighted to offer a safe & highly effective home whitening treatment for £425 which is free with treatments over £1000 (excluding offers and finance)

*New patients will require assessment and xrays.

How long have people been whitening their teeth?

Believe it or not- people have been whitening their teeth for the last 100 years - a bright smile never goes out of fashion.

Are stained teeth unhealthy?

Even healthy teeth can appear yellow or dark as people get older. Some teeth appear darker if the root has been damaged or diseased where the root has died. Drinking red wine, coffee, tea or smoking over an number of years will also change the colour of your teeth.

How long does tooth whitening take?

After first checking that your teeth and any fillings/crowns etc are secure, healthy and sound, accurate moulds are taken and bespoke, comfortable transparent plastic trays are made for you to wear at night for between 1 week and 3 weeks.

We monitor your progress weekly to check on the health of your gums and teeth and to check that satisfactory lightening has been achieved.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in whitening teeth both outside and sometimes inside (if the root is dead). Tooth bleaching is completely safe as long as the bleach does not touch your gums and burn them. We use a specially formulated enamel and gum friendly hydrogen peroxide gel.


What are the dangers of 'self whitening' your teeth?

  • Tooth ache or tooth nerve damage. Any existing filling may be vulnerable to whitening gel seeping around the filling and toward your tooth nerve. That may create toothache and even in some cases be the last straw for an already compromised nerve. Thats why its much wiser and safer for your dentist to carry out the whitening. They will carefully assess your teeth to prevent this possibility.
  • Sensitive and sometimes highly sensitive teeth. Your dentist or dental therapist will assess and clean your teeth and gums prior to whitening. Where you have a little of the root of a tooth exposed either through gum disease or previous 'over vigorous' tooth brushing, the tooth maybe quite sensitive/sore in response to the bleaching agents in whitening gels. It's inadvisable to whiten your teeth without proper gum checking. If you have a root exposed, we may recommend a special desensitising procedure prior to whitening.
  • Uneven Whitening. Existing Crowns will not lighten during the whitening procedure and may lead to you being unhappy with the results of 'Self Whitening'/Shopping centre Whitening. Avoid a shock by getting a dental professional to look after the procedure and advise and sometimes prevent you needing a costly crown replacement to match your new teeth colour.
  • Stinging Gums. Sometimes when you whiten your own teeth without careful supervision by a professional you will notice your gums may shock you by going white! This is temporary usually lasting only 30 minutes, however it may alarm you. Rinse your mouth well and get professional guidance.
  • Allergic reaction. Rarely you may get an allergic reaction to the peroxide agent within proprietary whitening gels. Rinse and contact your GP if it worsens/persists.


Other Smile Makeover Possibilities

Before dental design


After dental design


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  1. The dentist will use putty-like material to make moulds of your mouth (impressions), so a dental technician can make the tray to fit. At the next appointment the dentist will check that the trays fit and will show you how to put the bleach in the tray at home.
  2. The dentist will give you two weeks supply of jelly to use at home with the trays which will fit closely round your teeth. The tray makes sure that the jelly does not burn your gums. You will need to put the tray in your mouth for a few hours on several occasions, over a period of a few weeks, until the desired brightness is achieved.


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