How can I keep my teeth for my entire life?

At The West Malling Dental practice and Implant Clinic our No.1 objective is to help you to keep your teeth throughout your lifetime. Losing teeth is not only expensive, it usually affects your appearance and reduces the quality of your life by reducing your ability to chew and thus enjoy your food!

But how do we help you keep your teeth?

1. We remind you to attend dental check ups

It is important to regularly see a dentist (maximum 1 year) to avoid future problems with your teeth, gums and general health. We are there to spot the signs.

2. We encourage you to see the hygienist twice a year

Unless you have excellent oral hygiene, we insist on twice yearly Dental Hygienist visits. These are crucial in helping you establish and maintain a truly effective Oral Hygiene Regime both around all your teeth using an electric brush and especially mastering the more tricky techniques for eliminating plaque build up between your teeth!


3. We identify and help you minimize your between meals sugary snacks and drinks

Tooth decay in your relatively younger years sets you up to lose teeth as you get older. This is because fillings are vulnerable to decay around the edges AND weaken the suffering tooth.

There are 2 challenges here in making your tooth decay and tooth loss a thing of the past…

  1. To help you identify ‘Hidden Sugar’ in your Between Meal snacks and Drinks.
    To do this it’s essential you monitor your normal food and drink consumption over an ordinary week. We provide you with a ‘Diet Sheet’ That we require you to fill in over this week period. We then unearth any potential between meals Sugar acid attacks! (Some Sugar at meals is not a problem-it’s between meal attacks that don’t allow your Tooth Enamel the time to repair itself- causing Tooth Decay!)
  2. Together we identify and implement healthier, tooth friendly alternatives. We know that sometimes old habits die hard so additionally, we support you in these changes by getting you to fill in another “Diet Sheet” one month down the line that you drop/email in to us for a complimentary follow up. Think of us as your “Diet buddies” as the other side effect of eliminating between meal Sugar is of course…losing weight!

4. We provide excellent private dental treatments

We take the TIME necessary when providing you with our “Gentle Dental Care” to create a high quality treatment (Tooth Coloured Filling, Crown, Implant etc.) that an NHS dentist cannot afford.. This increased time and quality of care is vital in increasing the lifespan of both the treatment and your teeth.

We are a private Dentist in West Malling serving West Malling, Kings Hill and the surrounding Kent Area. If you would like to book an appointment, call us on 0173 284 2439 or complete an enquiry form.