Smile with confidence


Invisalign LITE Before & After Invisalign FAQs Why do patients like Invisalign treatment? The clear aligner trays mean there are no wires to be seen and there is minimal indication that you are receiving treatment. The clear aligners are taken off when you eat so there is no danger of food getting stuck to wires … Read more

Veneers: testing the shade of compared to patients teeth

Dental Veneers

Veneers treatment plan You will need to have at least two appointments if you have a porcelain veneer. Appointment 1 Tooth preparation, impression, shade taking. Appointment 2 Fitting your porcelain veneer.

Confidence when smiling after a dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Price List Treatment Price Implant Consultation with a Dentist   £75 2D full arch xray (OPG)   £85 CT-3-D scan (single jaw)   £150 * CT-3-D scan (both jaws)   £300 * Stage 1: Dental implant placement From £1250 Stage 2: Uncovering the healed dental implant + (2-3 months)   £150 Stage 3: … Read more