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We use only the highest grade Titanium implants, from the most established manufacturers to ensure the maximum longevity of your implants. We are not the cheapest but both the expertise of our Prosthodontist Specialist and the high quality of the implants fitted...means not only you are receiving value for your money and you are in safe hands...

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are an extremely tough and natural way to replace missing teeth. They are titanium rods, which are surgically fitted into the jawbone and used as an anchor for crowns and bridges. Implants improve the appearance and function of your dentition. However, they are not suitable for everyone and we will advise you of the procedures associated with implants.

Why should I consider dental implants?

If you have lost a tooth - it’s worth considering the possibility of a dental implant to restore and improve your bite, jaw strength, appearance and feel . Dental implants are also the best way to preserve surrounding teeth which are often burdened by being used as support for bridges or partial dentures. If you want a more permanent solution to dentures that improves your 'chew ability' and helps you avoid the 'sunken face' look often associated with missing teeth, implants could be for you.

Does it take a long time to fit the implanted teeth?

It usually takes three to six months for the surgical implant to heal before the artificial tooth or teeth can be mounted onto the implant.

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Due to the amount of precision surgery, laboratory technical work and the costs of materials, this procedure is fairly expensive but this is the closest you will ever come to re growing your natural teeth. Sometimes when teeth have been missing for years - the bone that used to support them has receded (thinned). In this case it’s advisable to restore the thickness by surgically adding sterile bone before the implants themselves are fitted. This bone is naturally incorporated by and fuses with your own bone.

Why should you invest in dental implants?

Dental Implants are far superior to removable dentures (plastic or metal), and are virtually undetectable. They will save you time and have long term health benefits compared with other treatments on offer (90% of modern implants last an absolute minimum of 15 years).

Implant patients need to be in good general health, because of the surgery needed. Some diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis or chronic sinus problems, could interfere with healing and make implants more likely to fail. You should tell your dentist about any existing conditions you have that might effect your suitability for dental implants.

Our Dental Implant Team

Etienne Szwiergott

Etienne has a Postgraduate Diploma in Implantology from the University of Paris Medical School. His patients are able to benefit from his extensive experience he has in all fields of dentistry and in particular placing implants.

Wassim Chawich

As a Prosthodontist Specialist Wassim provides simple and complex prosthodontic treatment including full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry and removable prostheses and has a special interest on Oral Surgery. Wassim is a talented and experienced surgeon whose enthusiasm for and expertise in fitting the highest quality titanium dental implants has transformed the comfort and confidence of numerous patients at West Malling.

Dental Implant Video

We offer you the latest implants that are at the forefront of dental implant technology.

The procedure can be carried out using just local anaesthetic with or without sedation, or alternatively with a general anaesthetic. You will not feel any pain at the time, but you may feel some discomfort during the week following the surgery.

  1. Bone is exposed in the jaw where the tooth is missing. Then a hole is drilled and the metal post is inserted into the bone. The gum is then stitched over the post and is left to heal, until the bone has grown around the post, making it secure.
  2. You will then have to wait (approximately) 3 months for a lower jaw implant and 6 months for an upper jaw implant. Sometimes the implants may be stable enough after ten weeks. If you are having complete dentures, then these can be worn throughout the healing period once they have been modified after the surgery.
  3. You will then require a second operation to replace the missing teeth. The replacement teeth might be a single crown or in a group, possible as a bridge, attached to the neighbouring natural teeth.
  4. There are usually three kinds of dental implants available. A single tooth, an implant-supported bridge or implant-supported dentures. For the three procedures the treatment will vary accordingly. For more information call the practice or book a consulation.

Dental Implant Video (Immediate tooth replacement)

Dental Implant Surgery, Traditional Technique Video

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