Dental Health Timeline

There is increasing evidence that your general health is connected to your dental health. We at West Malling hope that with a more informed approach to the prevention of dental decay and disease you can now choose to be happy, health and confident right into your old age.

AGE 1.5 UP

tooth decay because of sugar in a child

Your first (soft and vulnerable) milk teeth are coming through...replace sweet artificial milks/rusks drinks with slow digesting alternatives such as unsweetened baby food...

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Or this can be the result.

tooth decay because of sugar in a child

Family dentist video

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Age 3/4 UP

Studies indicate Kids LEARN/AQUIRE a “sweet tooth” so again- wean them off added sugar food/drink to slower digesting alternatives such as fruit and rice based possibilities. Fill in our complimentary “Diet Analysis Sheet” and send it to us for a free online assessment!

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Kids Love Sweet Things!

sweet tooth

Avoiding Sugar Video



“Mis-aligned” teeth often show up in your early years too...Our West Malling Orthodontic treatments catch these problems early enough to correct the alignment for straighter teeth in your adult life - the bonus knock on effect is your teeth are easier to clean so you are less likely to suffer dental problems if you clean your teeth regularly.

Crooked teeth...

crooked teeth

Orthodontics video

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Your Adult teeth which start coming through around age 6, are weak for the first few years after they appear. This is the second most vulnerable time - especially since sugary and “hidden sugar” laden snacks and drinks are popular and highly damaging if consumed between meals or before bed. We ask you to fill in a “Diet Analysis Sheet” to mutually work out the best tasting and healthier substitutes.

side effect of soda

Replace Fizzy and Diet Drinks with Fruit juice mixed with sparkling water or seltzer

Fruit juices like apple and orange have more calories per ounce than soda, but tossing a splash of 100% juice into some sparkling water keeps the calorie count low and still maintains a perky sweetness. It's also carbonated, so it closely matches the consistency of soda.

fruit juice and soda solution

20+ OK - You make it to Adulthood (good going!)

But you are playing sports and the ball takes out your front tooth, you might feel in a bit of a panic!

missing tooth girl

No need to panic! Dental Trauma is common and fixable

gum shield

A great way to prevent dental trauma in contact sports is to have a bespoke sports mouth guard fitted to your exact measurements. There isn't an more comfortable / safer option out there.


20+ Dental Trauma

If you have lost a tooth- a Titanium Dental Implant fitted by one of our highly experienced experts is the most natural feeling,durable and best looking replacement possible.

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Dental Implant

dental implant

Dental Implant Video

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20 +

30+ Tides of Time

Plaque attack

The "tides of time" are normally wearing away at your gums/bony support for your teeth by now. Your general well being maybe under threat by the bacteria in your dental plaque!

Plaque bacteria

Heart Disease

These Plaque bacteria have been found to enter your bloodstream and put strain on your bodies immune system. So learning excellent Oral Hygiene is much more than just a confidence/pride booster...


35+ Our habits, good and bad, start kicking in..

If you have yet to master taking care of our teeth through dietary changes and excellent oral hygiene- you are in trouble! Old filled areas of tooth decay may need replacing and strengthening with Dental Crowns, Root Fillings well may be required as the nerve under previous deep fillings may die off. We may see we are becoming long in the tooth as over time the plaque bacteria that cause ‘gum disease’ destroy the bone supporting our teeth and the gums recede revealing the roots of the teeth. This is really the key time to remedy any weaknesses in applying excellent dental care routines if you want to avoid the limitations of dentures in later life. Plus just to re-iterate if you take care of your mouth, you are statistically less likely to suffer from heart disease. Come to see our Advanced Oral & General Health Team to save yourself a lot of trouble and money down the line!

Bad Habits!

bad habits

Bad Teeth!

bad teeth

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50+ Staying Young

50+ couple looking out to sea

The second half of your life does not have to be about ‘Decaying Away!’ Complete our complimentary diet sheet and get expert support in replacing tooth attacking food and drink, it’s vital you attend the ‘Oral & Health Team’ Regularly to keep on top of that harmful plaque! Live long and stay strong, by calling us today for your ‘ Hygiene’ Appointment - It’s never too late to prevent your future problems... We look forward to helping you live your dreams.

But, it's never too late to improve your health!

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